June 2023
Wild Bill's Apple Valley

Friday, June 9th from 6-9

No Neck Tony's - Lake Elmo

Saturday, June 10th from 7-11

7 Vines Vineyard

Sunday, June 11th from 2-5

Chart House - Lakeville

Monday, June 12th from 6-9

Tilted Tiki

Wednesday, June 14th from 6-9

Treasure Island Duo with Todd Running

Thursday, June 15th from 7-10


Friday, June 16th from 5:30-8:30

Farmaste Animal Sanctuary - Private

Saturday, June 17th from 12-3

Smilin' Moose - Hudson

Saturday, June 17th from 5-9

The Pillbox

Sunday, June 18th from 12-3

Tilted Tiki

Wednesday, June 21st from 6-9

Big Wood Brewery - Marketfest

Thursday, June 22nd from 6-9

Ziggy's - Hudson

Friday, June 23rd from 5-9

Private Event

Saturday, June 24th from 1-4

The Road to Memphis

Wilebski's Blues Saloon from 1-5

Tilted Tiki

Wednesday, June 28th from 6-9

July 2023
Pickle Factory - Pepin - QQB3

QQB3 (Josh Q), Lexi Kennedy (Queen B), @ Todd Running (Something 70's)!

Saturday, July 1st from 7-10


Sunday, July 2nd from 4-8

Tilted Tiki

Wednesday, July 5th from 6-9

Private Event - 70th Bday Party

Thursday, July 6th

Smilin' Moose - Hudson

Friday, July 7th from 5-9

No Neck Tony's - Lake Elmo

Saturday, July 8th from 7-11

7 Vines Vineyard

Sunday, July 9th from 2-5

Tilted Tiki

Wednesday, July 12th from 6-9

Big Wood Brewery

Thursday, July 13th from 5-8

White Bear Lake Marketfest!

Wild Bill's - Woodbury

Friday, July 14th from 6-9

Pillbox Tavern

Sunday, July 16th from 12-3

Tilted Tiki

Wednesday, July 19th from 6-9

Chart House - Lakeville

Thursday, July 20th from 6-9

Babe's Music Bar

Friday, July 21st from 5-9

Heavy Rotation Brewing - NEW VENUE

Saturday, July 22nd from 6-9

Tilted Tiki

Wednesday, July 26th from 6-9

No Neck Tony's - Lake Elmo

Friday, July 28th from 7-11


Alyssa Buller - Former Professional Musician

So I’m a performer at the Minnesota State Fair this year, and today I was finished with work for the day, feeling exhausted, when some ...

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Singer & Piano Player In St. Paul/Minneapolis

Josh Quinn is a piano player and singer from St. Paul, Minnesota. He has been playing and singing music for about 29 of his 30 years and could sing on key before he could walk. In August of 2021, Josh made the leap to become a full-time musician. Since then, he has played dozens of different venues in Minnesota, ...
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