Singer & Piano Player In St. Paul/Minneapolis

Josh Quinn is a piano player and singer from St. Paul, Minnesota. He has been playing and singing music for about 29 of his 30 years and could sing on key before he could walk. In August of 2021, Josh made the leap to become a full-time musician. Since then, he has played dozens of different venues in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Florida. Josh’s favorite band is Steely Dan, and he plays hits and deep cuts from a lot of different genres. He strives to put his own twist on the songs he plays while honoring the intent of the original artist. Recently, he has been to New Orleans, Memphis, Nashville, and St. Louis, soaking up the music and culture of our country's great blues community.

Josh won the "Road to Memphis" Challenge through the Minnesota Blues Society, and will travel to Memphis to compete on Beale Street against musicians from around the country and the world in January of 2024.

Areas Covered

Minneapolis - St. Paul and surrounding suburbs - Hudson, WI - Seclect weeks in the Sarasota-Bradenton area in January and February

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